Sometimes the way the light casts a glow on the world around you — on mountains, mud puddles, morning mist — offers a reminder of the important things in life. A reminder to slow down and notice. A reminder that it’s okay that you are running late, for if you were on time you would have missed this moment. A reminder to appreciate the tangible and intangible that makes life the way it is. A reminder to breathe deeply. 


so it happened. em lost her first tooth.

not too soon, either. the way she kept flipping that thing back and forth makes for a mini-gag fest for all us adults — seriously, if you want to feel like you are going to vomit in your mouth, look at a kid wiggling a super loose tooth around. eeewww. it gives me the willies just thinking about it. (that said, i remember reveling in the pushing, pulling, wiggly, tongue dance when i was little).

the tooth losing went from excitement to sadness when she realized that:

1) her mouth feels funny;

2) she talks funny;

3) there is a weird hole in her smile where her tongue fits; and,

4) the tooth fairy is going to take her tooth away.

em pleaded with us to make sure that we stopped the tooth fairy from taking her tooth… that there is more to be done, a letter of some sort to be written. so, for now, her tooth is hiding IN her pillow case rather than waiting UNDER her pillow to be stollen away by magic. and, joey and i have put a call in to the TF herself (himself?) to make sure nothing happens without emilee’s prior approval.

oh man. the only thing that makes this better is the pink eye.

pink eye and snaggletooth grins. nothing better.

hello, tooth fairy?!

it’s amazing to think that our baby is getting ready to lose some teeth and meet the tooth fairy (or the idea of the tooth fairy). in the last week, two teeth have become wiggly overnight, and there is no sign of things slowing down.

she’s so excited. there is no stopping her from telling you, a stranger at the ferry dock, or her sisters about what’s going on in her mouth. if you’re lucky, she’ll even wiggle a tooth for you.

oh, and please note that she can only eat soft foods from now on.